4 types of cabbage this year.  This is because they keep really well, so we can be eating cabbage from July time right through till after Christmas.  Some might say that having this much cabbage in your life is excessive but I’ll post some recipes once they’re off the plot and into the kitchen.  Perhaps there will be some cabbage converts….

  1. Roderick (red)
    • Dobies says: A high quality new type for summer/autumn cropping. The medium sized round heads produce tasty, crisp internal hearts which hold well without splitting. Sow March-April.
  2. Ormskirk (savoy)
    • Seedaholic says: A very old heritage variety, it gives a fine head of cabbage, solid in the centre with deep blue-green outer crinkly leaves and a pale green centre. It matures from November and can be harvested through to March and beyond
  3. Greyhound (sweetheart)
    • Seedaholic says: One of the earliest summer cabbages and a reliable old favorite. Very fast growing with a yield of mild flavoured tender juicy hearts. Well suited to successional sowing. Sow from February to July, crops will be ready for cutting from June to October.
  4. Sping Hero (late)
    • Dobies says: Very hard, dark green, the compact round heads are of excellent quality with nearly white, crisp, sweet hearts, about 0.68-0.9 kg (1½-2 lb) in weight

15th March:  Sowed all 4 varieties, sharing 1 seed tray, 3 pots per variety, approx 5 seeds per pot.

Kept them indoors as there wasn’t enough room in the coldframe for them, but this led to them not coming on as quickly as I’d expected, though they all germinated happily enough.  Think the main disadvantages are that it’s too warm and dry and also once the seedlings are up and seeking the light, they only get the sun until around 2pm, whereas the coldframe gets at least another 2-3 hours.

About 2 weeks after germination I finally realised that I had foolishly sown Spring Hero, forgetting that it was a late cabbage and shouldn’t be sown until August.  I only realised because the seedlings looked SO pathetic, I knew something had to be awry.

12th April: Seedlings looking a bit wimpy (that’s not even including the Spring Hero), so moved the seed tray into the coldframe to harden them off and hopefully bring them on a bit.  The broccoli and the cauliflower have been in the coldframe since they germinated and look very happy.

16th April: Epic fail.  Forgot to water anything in the coldframe and whilst the broc, cauli and courgette aren’t happy with me, they’re well established enough to cope with a thirst for a couple of days.  The cabbage are not so lucky.  All bar one stubborn, albeit wilted, seedling have passed on.

Fortunately I have plenty more seeds and the seed tray is now replenished (no Spring Hero this time) and sat out, well watered, waiting for a few days of spring heat to kick start the germination process.

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