16th March:  In my giddiness brought on by the unseasonal heat we experienced in mid March, I made one (of several) faux-pas when sowing my first round of seeds.  I sowed my sweetcorn.  It does says quite clearly (quite in the very sense, not marginally sense) to sow in mid-April.  I just got a little carried away and before I knew it there was a full seed tray of all my lovely Sweetie Pie.

2 weeks later and it’s clear that the very name was a clue, let alone the instructions.  This seed likes sun, and there isn’t enough of it this early in Spring.  All bar 3 of the seeds failed to germinate and then rotted in their pots.  Damn.

9th April:  another 2 weeks later and NOW it’s about time to sow the sweetcorn.  B&Q standard offering – Sundance f1 – which I think I’ve used before.  Same as before, 2 per pot, which will provide a total of 30 should they all germinate.

When you grow sweetcorn, you’re meant to grow it in a block so that it’s easier for them to pollinate each other.  The wind blows the pollen onto the silks (those wispy bits) and hey presto, they start making cob babies.  So ideally I’ll have 25 plants on a 5 by 5 block.  It’s all very ‘Children of the corn‘ once they get going you know.

11th May: From the potential 30, i’ve had 22 seeds germinate, some stronger than others.  On the basis that all other influencing elements worked in their favour, this means the seeds themselves have approximately a 75% germination rate, which isn’t bad I suppose.  About a week ago I moved them from the shelves indoors in the coldframe to harden off a bit.  They’re all still going, but seem to be flagging a bit.  So today they have been upgraded, each going into a larger pot on their own.  There are 3 particular stragglers who I don’t expect to make it so they have gone into a pot together.  Their pot is the Palliative care ward.  Hopefully in another few weeks they will look like their 3 Sweetie Pie cousins who survived the premature sowing.  It’s like Little and Large at the moment.

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