Jack Frost nipping at my legumes

This May bank holiday had a little surprise in store for me.  An unexpected visit by Mr Jack Frost on the Friday night which left my courgettes and french beans decidedly worse for wear.

It wasn’t unreasonable to plant out some healthy courgette and green bean plants at the end of April. They had happily hardened off over the previous couple of weeks in the mild weather and I knew they were ready to get into position in the allotment and get growing.

Here they are on 27th April looking young but robust enough to commit to a life outdoors.

Ready and willing!

Ready and willing!

About to start the ascent up the bamboo

About to start the ascent up the bamboo


And then what happened?  Unbeknownst to me, the following Friday night a frost descended and took my courgettes and green beans from me.  They be dead, dead, dead.

Nowt but bamboo now

Nowt but bamboo now

Whilst away camping I had also left outside most of my other courgette seedlings, along with my broccoli and cauli seedlings.  You can see below how brassica and frost are friends but legumes are really delicate things which should have been put indoors or under some kind of cover to survive zero degrees.  In the photo below I’ve removed most of the shrivelled dead leaves from the courgettes in the vague (vain?) hope they will be able to survive and grow more.  The two in the bottom left of the tray have a fighting chance but for the rest it’s really just an undignified death with this publication of their demise adding further insult to their short-lived, neglected lives.

Spot the difference

Spot the difference

RIP courgettes and green beans.

I shall be planting out more seeds this week.


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