For me, courgettes are a no-brainer.  As long as there is the space – which allotments tend to have – then courgettes are a very easy to grow outdoors and one of veggies which is considerably cheaper than in the supermarket.  1 successful plant could support a courgette-eater for around 3 months, still yielding until the end of September usually.

I like to grow 2 yellow and 2 green.  They taste exactly the same if you ask me. Courgettes have such a mild (some might say bland) flavour that my main criteria for growing courgette is the aformentioned colour combination and that’s about it.

this year Dobies have provided me with these two types:

1. Orelia

  •  Dobies says:  A golden yellow courgette, producing delicious and attractive 12-18cm (5-7″) fruits. Vigorous-growing and heavy-cropping

2. Zucchini

  • Dobies says: A good length * Extremely early with deep green, cylindrical fruits 15cm (6″) or more in length. Recommended for deep freezing

Seeds were sown in the 16th March “mirage of summer” along with most other veggies.  They all germinated under glass – like I say, they are very easy going.  I was the proud owner of nearly 20 courgette seedlings, all happy and growing well.

The main hiccough was that the labelling of the 2 colours were removed by accident (3 year olds, gotta love em) so I don’t know which tray contains which colour.  I didn’t think this would be too problematic, as long as plants from both sets were planted.

Then, as I posted in this article about the early May frost, disaster struck.

11th May:  a little over a week later and perhaps 1 of the plants has survived.  All of the frost-bitten and thus dead leaves have been clipped off and the flowers which were forming are clinging on for another 4 or 5 plants, but being foilage-free I’m not sure if they will be able to make a full recovery.

On the other hand the other courgette (which I reckon are the green, and I’ve wrecked the yellow) are looking fabulous.  They’ve been hardened off nicely in the cold frame for the past month and are so ready to go into the ground.  Obvs after the frost incident I am going to be patient and wait til the end of May for that.  I have even given away some to veg-growing friends as 7 (9 less then 2 lost to frost at the allotment) is 5 too many.

So for now, time to plant some more seeds and keep watering the coldframe goodies.


* A good length!!  Who are the copywriters for these catalogues?

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